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RATED 5 OUT OF 5  by Chrissy and Joel

Rev. Mel did our ceremony exactly like we wanted. We had trouble find someone who would. We didn't have any idea about our vows but had an idea of how we wanted the ceremonies and wanted the vows to fit our personalities and beliefs. Rev Mel sent us many samples and we changed them to make them our own. He also suggested special ceremonies within our ceremony to make our mothers feel special and included a special part that included our heritage. I know my grand mother was joking but she said, "That minister [Rev. Mel] sounded like Moses, with a twinkle in his eye", maybe she was not joking.

RATED 5 OUT OF 5  by Bud and Yue

Mel is a kind soul who is professional, yet personal, full of humor, love, and life. We chose him for our ceremony to officiate and MC. He has a voice that is commanding, yet gentle, something that was needed at times to direct our crowd. Upon meeting at his place to hash out details, his many years of experience in this industry became very apparent. He had lots of recommendations on what works and doesn't work, but was very flexible to incorporate our individual wants. Every ceremony is different and Rev. Mel fully respects that. It was a great experience to work with Mel as he really put us at ease as we were planning this portion of the ceremony. We highly recommend him for your special day...he certainly made ours that much and more.

RATED 5 OUT OF 5 by Letha and Todd

Our ceremony was perfect. We wanted some special parts included. Todd and I also appreciated Mel [Rev. Mel] helping us come up with our vows that spoke to us in a special way. We wanted a sentimental, yet at times humorous ceremony to involve everybody. Our wedding was in March and our friends and family still tell us how wonderful it was. A big part was Reverend Mel.

RATED 5 OUT OF 5 by Sally and Jack

Rev Mel performed a wonderful ceremony. He provided us with 100s of sample ceremonies that we copy, cut and pasted together to make our own. We added some things to make it even more personal. He [Rev Mel] recommended a couple of special moments to honor our parents and our guests which we had never seen before and our mothers still talk about it. When I "lost it" during the ceremony he [Rev Mel] handed me a hankie which ended up being a special moment too. He [Rev Mel] waited for me to collect myself, and continued without skipping a beat. He [Rev Mel] is very special, and to us too.

RATED 5 OUT OF 5  by Jessica and John

I don't know what got into me giggling most of the way through the ceremony. I was just so nervous. Rev Mel was wonderful, paused when he had to, and make my nervousness fun for everyone. Even though it was our wedding, it was the most fun wedding ceremony I was ever at, we hadn't started drinking yet. Rev. Mel didn't skip a beat and rolled with my issues at hand. Some of the weddings I've been too are very "dry". From what I hear from my family and friends, this wedding was anything but. And Mel [Rev Mel] helped make it so. He was wonderful. Chrissy [another rater] has it right... He is a fun officiate, who happens to sound like Moses in The Ten Commandments if I can say that. Mel is very unassuming too, so he might be embarrassed by this review but he will "roll with it", like with my nervous giggling.