​​​NO stipend/fee is EVER charged for initial meeting; nor for follow-up consultations after booking ,by phone, email, texts or possible future meetings at my Damascus, Oregon (7 miles east of Portland) location.

I  ALWAYS keep your cost as low as possible

All stipends are based on 1 hour of service at on wedding day, without rehearsal, and no mileage is charged**. 

  • Elopement (with only the couple, limited close family and 2 witnesses) minister/officiate services at our Damascus/Boring, Oregon  location (7 miles east of Portland), indoor or on deck overlooking our koi pond in a forested setting: $ 165.00;
  • Local venue WEDDING with 20 miles: $ 285.00
  • Venue 21 - 60 miles from Damascus/Boring: $ 345.00
  • Venue 61 - 100 miles from Damascus/Boring: $ 425.00
  • Venue greater than 100 miles from Damascus/Boring: Minimum $ 485.00, and negotiated** if venue is further than 2 hrs one way

 Please note:95% of the time a rehearsal with minister/officiate is not required. I want you to avoid this usually unnecessary expense.

Ask how and WHY to avoid this usually needless expense.

If you REQUIRE rehearsal time and if I am available, add 50 % more to stipends above if rehearsal is on Sunday thru Thursday, and 75% if Friday or Saturday. NOT recommended unless your ceremony is unusually highly orchestrated.  THIS ADDED COST IS BETTER spent on your HONEYMOON !

* ELOPEMENT CEREMONY is a brief  wedding ceremony  without rehearsal limited to couple, witnesses and close family in attendance.



Wedding with Rev. Mel officiating  

Lulu and Rob's Wedding and their

Center Ice Winter Hawks Ceremony

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Minister-Officiant /Reception Emcee Services

Portland weddings officiant, clergy Wedding Ceremonies Your Way - Officiate/Minister

ReceptionMaster of Ceremonies /Emcee  Services

If Emcee services (MC) are in addition to Officiate services, $95.00 per hour after ceremony,

or an portion thereof, in addition to officiate stipend agreement.

If  ONLY Emcee services are required (within 60 miles or Portland): $285.00 for 2 HOURS minimum, and $95.00

per hour, or any portion thereof, after minimum 2 hours of service. Greater than 100 miles, mileage negotiated.**

​​Stipends for Oregon and  Washington